Darren Taylor –
Owner of Searle & Taylor

“I have been in the kitchens industry for my entire working life. I live, love and breathe it, and I am passionate about the work we do.

“Following a two-year apprenticeship in skilled cabinet-making, and with some very big ideas, I started in the kitchens business at aged 18. I gradually made the transition to designing bespoke hand-built kitchens from a small farm workshop in Alton alongside my former business partner, Jeff Searle whose name remains respectfully ‘above the door’ to this day.

“25 years later, I am the proud owner of two showrooms in Ropley and Winchester, and my business is supported by an excellent team of talented designers and craftspeople, some of whom have worked closely with me for nearly 20 years. My foundation in bespoke cabinet-making ensures that we all have a fundamental understanding of every aspect of kitchen design and planning; from expertly designed and hand-crafted curved cabinet displays, to walk-in larders and foldaway pocket doors. All elements intrinsically come together and work beautifully with one another.

“We bring your ideas to life with our thoughtful and intelligent designs and working with you, we create both practical yet elegant solutions to suit your needs and desires. Offering precise installation advice and outstanding customer service from start to finish, our kitchens and lifestyle spaces are built to withstand the test of time.

“If you are considering a new kitchen, or you are just looking for some design inspiration, pop into our stunning showrooms for a coffee and an opportunity to discuss your project with one of our dedicated team. We look forward to meeting you soon.”


The Searle & Taylor vision is simple: to design and create beautiful kitchens and more…

We build kitchens to last and we only partner with, and display the very best kitchen and appliance suppliers. As an independent retailer, we choose to work with our suppliers and always present their products in a totally unbiased manner, helping you to decide what is right for your project. This provides the reassurance that the products we display and supply are proven in terms of quality and value for money, and all come with a full customer service support and warranty package running in the background, should we ever need it. We have been working for over 10 years with many of our suppliers – and for 20 years with some of them!

Searle & Taylor has earnt an excellent and long-held reputation for listening to the ideas and unique requirements of its discerning customers and translating them into creative, intelligent and thoughtful designs. Every project is personal to you and to us, which is why we take pride in the highest quality and we never consider our part in any project to be finished until you are completely satisfied with the result.


The kitchen has evolved over the last decade from being much more than simply the place where food is prepared to being the busiest multi-purpose room within our homes. It really is the heart of your home and is often an entire lifestyle space that incorporates cooking, dining, relaxing and living. At Searle & Taylor we have all the experience required to create that dream lifestyle space.

This often means that additional building work is required: walls may need to come down, new lighting necessary and new flooring with underfloor heating, together with a number of additional home automation options including Wi-Fi connectivity. We can advise you and oversee this work from the removal of your existing kitchen to the fixing of services such as plumbing, electrics and gas etc. We work very closely in partnership with a local and highly reputable building company that can undertake these major lifestyle projects.

We also regularly work with architects and we have a full comprehension of the planning process. Please ask us should you require additional building work, so that we can create an appropriate estimate that fully encompasses all your requirements in order to make the most out of your available space.